After nearly three decades serving homeowners, businesses, contractors, municipalities and others, LCP has a wealth of skills and experience to help you with seasonal projects year-round.

LCP started out in lawn care and we continue to serve that market. But now it includes everything from building and shaping lawns with the proper soils, slopes and drainage, through the most suitable choice of grass varieties and making it grow the way you expect. We supply and/or install sod, sell seed and do dry seeding, or we can do hydro-seeding, one of our specialties. No job is too large or small, and we have done them all — from greening up dozens of acres to fixing pesky bald spots in backyards.

Contractors depend on LCP to ready their subdivisions and new commercial locations for occupation, with full land sculpting and landscaping services backed by rugged equipment and skilled operators. We offer full site clean-up, as well as retaining walls and stone walkways and patios. Earth-moving and soil delivery, limestone display and accent stone, shrubbery, hedging, and trees make a big difference, and we do them all.

The LCP Soil Centre in Napanee provides for customer pick-up and hands-on evaluation and ordering of various soils, gravels, stone and landscaping bark products. Come in and order and we can deliver, too, from a bag or two, to dump trucks full. We also carry various fertilizer products and can give expert advice on what your lawn or garden needs and how to do it.

Whether you need effort from a pair of hands or a gang of muscles and machines backed by decades of experience, LCP Landscaping is here for the calling and there to help you.¬†Thanks for your patronage and consideration. We’re proud to serve the Belleville-Napanee-Kingston area.